Kick-Off Meeting in Trim/Ireland

Trim CastleThe kick-off meeting of the project has been held in Trim/ Ireland on the 13th and 14th of January 2014. At the meeting, the representatives of all 7 partner organizations,  coming from 7 different European countries (Austria, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Romania and Turkey) discussed in more detail the aims of the project and also the steps and tasks through which these objectives can be achieved.
The meeting proofed to be a success, as the proposed agenda has been fully completed and among the administrative and financial issues,  the partnership brainstormed about the concepts of the two key competences: learning to learn and social and civic competences. As the very next step in the project, the exploitation and analysis phases are coming up, for getting a better understanding about the interlinking of transnational mobility and informal learning experiences. A competence grid is being drawn up by the Irish partner, which will provide a common structure for the analysis and description structure. Based on the competence grid, research will be implemented in all partner countries with at least 20 adult learners plus two professional experts/scientists e.g. (psychologists).