discussionIn order to gain a better understanding of the interlinking between transnational mobility and informal learning experiences, desk research was carried out by the partnership. A competence grid, which describes the learning to learn and social and civic competences according to appearance and definition will be developed. Research was implemented in all partner countries on how the aquisition and/or application of the selected competences can be documented, clustered, described, reported and evaluated by using mobile apps.

Map of recognition
This will summarise the ways of documenting, evaluating and recognising competences, developed during the exploration and analysis phase.

Mobile App
An app will be developed for Android “Key Lime Pie” in Java programming language and Apple iOS in Objective-C programming language. It will be developed as a Universal-App to support Android smartphones and tablets as well as Apples iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It will allow the quick and easy documentation of learning by uploading any kind of files via WIFI or Cellular Data to a kind of “Learning experience diary”

Web App
This will offer a personalised account to store, manage and edit documents and uploaded information (photo, video, audio files, text documents) which are collected with the mobile app.

Server application
This application will offer the possibility of synchronizing the mobile app with the web app.

Set of recognition guidelines and a recognition procedure
breakThe project group will develop a set of recognition guidelines and a recognition procedure for the two selected competences (learning to learn, social and civic)  by considering standards such as usability, validity, reliability and objectivity.